Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 Months!

Emmet is four months old already! He is growing so fast and learning new things every day. He had his 4-month checkup yesterday, and weighed in at 16 lbs 2 oz, and measured 26 1/2 inches long. He is growing very well and the doctor said everything is normal. Of course, we think he's extraordinary...

August has been a busy month. My mom visited, which I blogged about before. Then we had Worship in the City, which included volunteering at Response Church. Since then we've decided to volunteer there weekly, since their Sunday service is in the evening. I'm helping with the childcare, and Jason is running the video projector.

We had a short visit from my friends Bruce and Cherith Rydbeck, who are missionaries in Ecuador with HCJB. They are such delightful people, and it was great that they got to meet Jason and Emmet. We also got to learn more about Bruce's work helping the Ecuadorians get clean water in their villages.

Then my dad came to visit. He really enjoyed visiting with Emmet. We even kept Emmet home from daycare for a day so Dad could play with him. They both had a lot of fun. (And Jason and I got to go on a date!)

Very quickly it turned into September. That meant it was our fourth anniversary! It has been four very good years since we got married, and we still like each other. =)

My sister, Eleanor, came to visit the following weekend. Jason and I took the opportunity to have another date - this time to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Rock Bottom, downtown, and enjoyed good food and good conversation.

Eleanor visited over Labor Day weekend, so we got to do some good shopping at the sales, and she got an extra day to spend with Emmet.

And brings us up to date!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics! It sounds like you've had quite a few visitors these last couple of weeks. Emmet's expressions are getting more pronounced too which is sweet to watch.
-Jenn C.